Hispanics Mobilize for the Gospel

September 19, 2011

By Abbey Le Roy

CIU Student Writer

The Hispanic world is no longer just receiving missionaries it is sending missionaries and giving to missions.

That was the message at Impacto Global, a conference designed to mobilize the Hispanic community to reach the world with the gospel.  The Sept. 17 event was held on the campus of Columbia International University and sponsored by CIU and Crossover Communications International.

The dean of CIU’s College of Intercultural Studies, Dr. Mike Barnett said the purpose of the conference was to learn “how we can work together more effectively to take the message of Christ to the nations.”

CIU president Dr. Bill Jones welcomed the Hispanic visitors to campus. 

“At CIU,” Jones explained, “we don’t believe the gospel is from the west to the rest; we believe it’s from the reached to the unreached.”

Keynote messages were delivered by Mauricio Alvarez, executive director of COMHINA,an Hispanic network of churches, missionaries and missions agencies, and Jason Carlisle, the Hispanic director of the International Mission Board.

“God didn’t bring us to the United States to live out the American dream,” explained Alvarez.  “He brought us here to be trained to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Workshops were offered by Daniel Diaz, director of ministerial development for COMHINA and Ken Katayama, vice executive president of Crossover.