SC Evangelical University Presidents Deliver Open Letter to Governor

August 23, 2016

CIU President Dr. Bill Jones among those concerned about threats to religious liberty

Concerned that federal and state actions could ultimately deny them the ability to fulfill their faith-based missions, seven evangelical Christian university presidents have penned an open letter to the people of the state raising awareness of this issue and calling for vigilance in the protection of religious institutions.

Addressed to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as representative of the state and its people, the letter also asks for her to “stand against any attempt…to infringe on religious freedom, and…to use [her] platform as Governor to promote religious freedom.”

The presidents specifically cited California Bill S.1146. As originally introduced, this bill would deny college students the ability to participate in state grant programs if institutions were found in violation of state gender identity policies.

The college leaders also warned of the impact of regulatory mandates on churches and educational institutions that could force students to use bathrooms and showers with members of the opposite biological sex, even though to do so violates the privacy of students who may object on the basis of their deeply held religious values.

Read the letter from the university presidents here

After the letter was released, Gov. Haley released the following statement: "I appreciate hearing from the leaders of our state's Christian universities. South Carolina has a proud tradition of upholding religious freedom. I look forward to working with the universities to make sure we continue to honor that tradition."