TV Weatherman to Graduate

April 20, 2015

A former Columbia TV meteorologist is returning to South Carolina for his graduation from Columbia International University on May 16.  

Jonathan Oh, who grew up in the Columbia area, was a weatherman for three TV stations (WIS, WACH and WOLO) over a seven-year period, and during most of that time was also a student in CIU Seminary & School of Ministry. Oh, who currently works as a TV meteorologist in Japan, will graduate with a Master of Divinity degree.        

In an email interview from Tokyo, Oh says that juggling the TV career while also taking seminary-level classes, was “far from easy,” especially considering he had to get up in the wee hours of the morning when he helped launch an early morning news show. 

“I had to shoe-horn my studies in during the times when I was not at work,” Oh said. “I didn't really sleep very much because I was working and studying all the time. Time management was extremely critical. I had to be disciplined in order to make all of the deadlines and complete the work that lay ahead of me.”

But Oh says he would not be graduating without employers who were flexible and encouragement from his parents, natives of South Korea.  

“I am grateful to my parents, who were of great support and comfort during the time when managing the work was quite difficult.”

Oh’s father, is a CIU alumnus and serves as senior pastor of Sandol Presbyterian Church in Columbia.  

Oh’s last year of studies had to be completed through online courses when he moved to Tokyo to work for NHK World, an international English broadcast channel produced by Japan's public broadcaster. He also saw ministry opportunities.

“I moved there knowing that there is a great need for sharing the gospel, and I wanted to be there to be used by God,” Oh said. “I am in the process of licensure and ordination as a pastor, and Lord willing, I will be able to serve in a pastoral role in Tokyo in the coming years, but I do plan to work on the air for a while too.”

As for CIU, Oh says he will always remember his professors, classmates and the God he learned to serve.  

“The Lord really allowed me to learn and grow from the people I met, and I know that the people I have met are the people I will be able to stay in touch with for years to come,” Oh said. “(I) thank the Lord for His continual presence because it would have been impossible without Him!”