An Unusual Place to Celebrate a Baseball Victory

June 30, 2011

The state of South Carolina is abuzz after the University of South Carolina Gamecocks won back-to-back national baseball championships.  But one of Columbia International University's biggest baseball fans was not in the state to celebrate - he wasn't even in the country.  The interim dean of the CIU College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Bryan Beyer, was leading a study tour of CIU students in Israel.  But once word of the Gamecocks victory reached The Holy Land, Beyer and former University of South Carolina student Jenni Russo did the best they could to celebrate.  They got out "Cocky" - the University of South Carolina mascot who was on the trip with them, and took a few photos of him on the Sea of Galilee.  They then sent the photos to a South Carolina TV station to show that folks from South Carolina were celebrating - everywhere.     

The photo shows Cocky on a boat with the Cliffs of Arbel in the background.  For more on the Cliffs of Arbel, check out CIU's "Ancient Sandals" Web site.

Each year CIU's Travelearn takes students on study tours of Europe and Israel.  These classes are often life changing for students, as they visit historic sites associated with their faith. 

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