What Do Our Students Say About CIU?

May 23, 2018

By Dr. James Lanpher

Columbia International University Provost

As part of what we do at CIU every year to measure how well we are doing and where we can improve, we give several surveys. One of the most important surveys that our students complete is the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory. Not only does this survey give us important information about how students feel about CIU, but it also allows us to compare ourselves to other four-year private colleges and universities from around the country.

I’d like to share some of the results from our most recent administration of the survey in April 2018.

Out of 47 questions where students rated specific aspects of their CIU experience, they rated CIU above average on 41 of them.

Here are just some of the areas where CIU rated above average (the number of + signs indicate how far above average students rated CIU):

  • The campus is safe and secure for all students
  • Administrators are available to hear student concerns
  • Students are made to feel welcome here (++)
  • Living conditions in the residence halls are comfortable (++)
  • The quality of instruction I receive in most of my classes is excellent (+++)
  • The campus staff are caring and helpful (+++)
  • Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment (+++)
  • Faculty are fair and unbiased in their treatment of individual students (+++)
  • Security staff respond quickly to calls for assistance (+++)

Noel-Levitz then groups the questions into nine overall areas. CIU students rated CIU as average in one area (Campus Services) but above average in each of the other eight. In fact, the area in which CIU students rated CIU the highest as compared to other colleges was “Safety and Security.” The other areas in which CIU students rated CIU above average were Student Centeredness, Academic Advising Effectiveness, Instructional Effectiveness, Campus Climate, Registration Effectiveness, Recruitment and F.A. Effectiveness, and Campus Life.

The survey also asks students two overarching questions related to their CIU experience. The first asks them about their overall satisfaction. On this question 76% of CIU students said they were satisfied or very satisfied with CIU. This compares to an average of 58% at other schools. The second question asks whether the student would enroll at CIU again. On this question 79% of students said they probably or definitely would. This compares to an average of 60% at other schools.

It’s always good to hear directly from students as well. Jordan Sprueill, CIU student-athlete, has this to say about her experience at CIU: “Since becoming a student at CIU, I have felt safe and welcomed. It is important for me to find a school that would equip me with an excellent education as well as lead me in living out a wholesome Christian life. My professors, coaches, and staff have made a tremendous effort to ensure that CIU remains the school that I fell in love with. Working in the president’s office has taught me how to strive for excellence in all that I do. As a student on campus, I feel confident and well prepared to step out into the work force on my own. I feel proud to call CIU my university. It feels like home away from home. My faith has stretched the farthest it has ever been due to the compassion of CIU staff and the hard work that everyone pours into this campus. This university has taught me the beautiful gift of service and I plan to live as a servant in all that I do.”

Of course, CIU can always improve, even in areas where students rate us above average, but it is good to know that students express a high level of confidence in the education they receive at CIU and in the atmosphere they find on campus.

CIU has announced $25 million in expansion plans for the campus, including construction of the $20 million William H. Jones Global Business and IT Center. Information on CIU programs and enrollment is available here or call (800) 777-2227, ext. 5024. CIU is accredited by SACS-COC.