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“I really believe that education is more than just head knowledge

or job skills. That’s something really unique at CIU. There is this

intentionality in developing the entire person.”

–David Blanchard, Director of Residence Life

Many current students are optimistic about the new initiative.

In fact, many of them were involved in developing it.

“I’ve tried to invite input,” Blanchard said. “We did a Q&A

after we introduced [this system], and we set up several

student focus groups. [We’ve had an] overwhelmingly positive

response. I think a lot of students are really excited, which is


The new system will involve some big changes for the

Residence Life staff. The primary change will be the role of

the FCC. They will have the new title of CLC — Campus Life

Coordinator. Like FCCs, they’ll plan freshman chapels and

events, but their primary job will be connecting freshmen with

older students, especially those living in their house.

Sophomore McKenzie Sutton will serve as a CLC next year

because she wants to assist the younger students, and she

wants her college experience to be about more than the


“I want to grow personally and be able to better love people

after I leave CIU,” Sutton said. “I think that being a CLC will

help grow me in the areas I really need to grow in.”

Junior Rachel Joung, who will be an RA next year, is looking

forward to being part of the new system, and help her

housemates’ grow spiritually.

“I think this new system will encourage us to be more invested

into relationships with the people we live with on the hall and in

the house,” Joung said.

Meanwhile, Blanchard would like to assure alumni that this is a

new way of approaching what’s been important at CIU all along:

Christ-centered community.

“For me, as an alum, I feel a little protective of CIU because it

was a formational place for me,” Blanchard said. “One thing

that I would like alumni to know is that while this is new, it’s

really trying to keep us at the heart of what CIU has always

been about. At the end of the day, I think this is a way of

getting students involved and engaged, but for the purpose of

knowing God and making Him known.”

Beginning this fall, each residence hall or

“house” will hang a crest symbolic of the

virtue assigned to it. (The official names

of the residence halls will not change.)



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