Master of Business Administration Finance Concentration



36 credit hours

Program Length

as few as 18 months


Regionally Accredited by SACSCOC

Advance as a business professional with a MBA in Finance in just 18 Months 

Are you ready to move your career ahead and pursue an MBA in Finance? Earning an MBA degree with a concentration in Finance from Columbia International University through 100% online classes can position you as a leader in the corporate world. With forward-thinking approaches to accounting and economic strategy, you will be equipped to pursue roles in the financial marketplace. Through the program’s curriculum, you will gain a greater understanding of evolving technology, financial market operations and fundamental concepts of budgetary management. This enables you to lead in the competitive corporate environment in the areas of finance, accounting and economic strategy. 

  • Advance your knowledge of modern financial principles and techniques for corporate treasury management. This includes understanding financial markets, managing cash and investments and managing risks. 
  • Learn the principles of investment analysis and portfolio management. This includes understanding the stock market, bonds and other investment vehicles, as well as how to evaluate investment opportunities and manage portfolios. 
  • Study the techniques of multinational financial management, financial modeling, portfolio management and financial planning. This includes understanding how to analyze financial statements, evaluate investment opportunities and manage risk in a global business environment. 

Why Choose Columbia International University

At Columbia International University, we stand out from other institutions because of our focus on mission and core values. As a CIU Global student, you’ll experience a seamless integration of truth and academic excellence in our top-notch online program. Our Learning Management System is both robust and intuitive, and our team is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our learners. We understand that every student has a unique learning style, and we’re committed to providing the resources necessary to help you succeed. 


Overall Benefits of the Degree

  • Highly Engaged Classes: Our online MBA program is designed to provide you with relevant and impactful information that will shape you as a finance professional. You will receive passionate instruction from experienced professors who are dedicated to your success. We incorporate mock financial situations to ensure that you have real-world experiences, preparing you for your career. You will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and collaborate with classmates to gain a comprehensive understanding of finance principles. 
  • Dedicated Faculty and Staff: Our professors and staff are committed to providing you with the resources and information you need to be successful. They are readily available to answer questions and provide on-demand tutoring when you need extra support. You will receive personalized attention throughout your studies. 
  • Networking Opportunities: We understand the importance of networking in the finance industry. That is why we provide access to a network of career opportunities and internships throughout your studies. Our program is designed to help you establish valuable connections that will enhance your career prospects. 
  • Transfer-Friendly Programs: We want to make it easy for you to continue your education. Our transfer-friendly programs allow you to enroll from where you left off in your previous studies. We accept credits from any college, anywhere, so you can seamlessly transfer into our program and begin working towards your MBA. 
  • Flexibility in Programs: We understand that many of our students are working professionals. That is why we designed our programs with flexibility in mind. During your business degree studies, you have the freedom to try out any other programs that CIU has to offer. You can customize your studies to fit your career goals and personal interests. 


What Will I Study?

You will take the following classes to earn your MBA:

  • BUS 5010 Business Research and Data Analysis

    The purpose of this course is to prepare you in mathematical, probability, and statistical concepts for your upcoming studies in quantitative methods. Topics include research design, measurement issues, the sources and collection of data. Ethical issues associated with the conduct of research will also be explored. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5020 Organizational Leadership and Ethics

    This course explores the key principles, models, and practices that provide the foundation for effective, ethical organizational leadership and management. Best practices of leadership and management are examined and evaluated as applied to the dynamics of understanding organizational behavior, building cohesive teams, and developing healthy organizations. Ethical and corporate social responsibility (CSR) models and decision making in both for-profit and not-for-profit entities will be addressed. Special emphasis on analyzing and integrating the values and ethics from a Christian worldview will challenge individuals to formulate one's own philosophy of organizational leadership and healthy organizations. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5040 Information Systems and Technology for Business

    This course examines the role of information systems and technology in today's rapidly changing business environment and analyzes technology's implications for efficient management of operations. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5050 Marketing

    A course designed to explore the main aspects of strategic marketing theories and concepts and their global applications. This course examines the marketing process, marketing research, product development innovation and diffusion, pricing strategy, distribution value drain, advertising and promotion, and strategic marketing issues. This course is designed to equip the students with the concepts and principles necessary to make market oriented business decisions and to enable students to plan, design and critique marketing promotional materials and campaigns within the framework of an ethical perspective. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 6010 Managerial Finance

    This course focuses on the critical financial issues and decisions facing organizational leaders and business executives. Key concepts covered in the course include analysis of financial statements, time value of money, cost of capital, working capital management, and cash flow forecasting. Using these tools, students will learn to evaluate and determine the value of organizations and proposed capital projects. (3) Limited to online program students

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 6020 Accounting for Financial Reporting and Management

    This course explores the use of accounting information for planning, control and decision-making. Students develop analytical and applied skills through problems and cases that focus on preparing, reporting, and analyzing financial data. Special emphasis focuses on ethical reporting and on potential misuses of financial information. Topics covered include the principles and practices of financial accounting and the fundamentals of managerial accounting, such as cost behavior and budgeting. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 6050 Strategic Planning and Management

    This course emphasizes the definition, formulation, and execution of strategy to successfully define and implement organizational vision, mission, and strategic goals. The strategies of for-profit entities will focus on achieving and sustaining competitive advantage against rival firms, while strategies of not-for-profit organizations emphasize strategic positioning to effectively serve the organizations key stakeholders. As this is intended to be a capstone experience within the program, students normally will enroll in this course during their second year. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • ECN 6010 Economics for Business Management

    This course provides the concepts and principles required for understanding and solving economic business problems. The course especially focuses on microeconomic analysis applied to practical business problems and decision-making -- such as factors relevant to production, cost, demand, pricing, and profits -- and also on monetary and fiscal policies that affect industries, markets, and firms. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • FIN 6010 Management of Financial Institutions

    This course studies the structure, operation and interaction of the entities that are stakeholders or otherwise engaged in the global financial services arena. Emphasis is placed on managing return and risk in these institutions. The risk management approach is explained through its contribution in assuming risk on behalf of their customers. The influence of term structure of interest rates and the regulation of financial markets on performance of these institutions is also examined. Different financial markets and the impact of its key players are also thoroughly investigated. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • FIN 6020 Financial Markets

    This course investigates the fundamental principles that govern financial markets and institutions. The approach is to gain an advanced understanding of the operations of the domestic and international banking industry, the United States Federal Reserve Bank, and the behavior of financial and institutional intermediaries. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • FIN 6030 Investment Analysis

    This course examines the procedures and tools necessary to evaluate investment variables, determine value and analyze risk/return characteristics of equity, fixed income securities, and alternative investments, including individual investments. Emphasis is placed on ethical investment, responsible investing decisions, and the tools for portfolio analysis. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • FIN 6040 International Financial Management

    Companies operating globally or in the global arena through supply chains, distribution or foreign investment are different from their domestic counterparts in part due to their exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations, political risks, etc. This course explores the characteristics of international financial markets and evaluates the associated risks and benefits involved in operating globally.The course also explores best practices and various business strategies for successfully launching and engaging in business activity outside the U.S. The course will examine all issues through two lenses: that of a multinational enterprise, and that of an individual investor. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
For a comprehensive list of courses related to this program visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Accreditation and Accolades

SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

Career Opportunities

  • Audit Accountant 
  • Chief Executive Officer 
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • College Instructor 
  • Finance Manager 
  • Revenue Manager 
  • Sales Executive 

Top FAQs

What is the difference between an MBA and a MBA Finance Concentration?

An MBA degree covers a broad range of business topics such as marketing, accounting, operations management and organizational behavior. An MBA with a finance concentration focuses on the financial aspects of business, including investments, financial modeling, portfolio management and risk assessment.

An MBA with a finance concentration is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in investment banking, financial analysis, corporate finance or any other position that requires a strong understanding of financial markets and instruments. In this program, students will learn how to analyze financial data, assess risks and make informed investment decisions.

Both offer a strong foundation in business principles and management. However, an MBA with a finance concentration provides students with a deeper understanding of financial concepts and prepares them for careers in finance-related fields. Ultimately, the choice between an MBA and an MBA with a finance concentration depends on the student’s career goals and interests.

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a graduate-level degree that provides advanced education and training in various aspects of business, including management, leadership, marketing, accounting, finance and more. This program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in business organizations.

What will I study in an MBA program?

The MBA program curriculum covers a wide range of topics related to business management and leadership, such as finance, accounting, marketing, economics, operations management, strategy and ethics. Some programs may also offer concentrations or specializations in specific areas such as healthcare, entrepreneurship or global business.

When can I start an MBA program?

Columbia International University offers multiple start dates throughout the year to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

How long does it take to complete an MBA program?

Columbia International University’s 100% online MBA in Finance can be completed in just 18 months.

What career opportunities are available with an MBA degree?

An MBA can open up a wide range of career opportunities, including positions in management, finance, marketing, human resources, consulting and more. The specific career paths available will depend on the individual’s interests and career goals.

How will an MBA degree benefit my career?

An MBA degree can provide many benefits for one’s career, including increased earning potential, expanded career opportunities and development of leadership and management skills. Additionally, an MBA can help individuals build a professional network and gain valuable industry insights.


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