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Master of Business Administration Healthcare Administration Concentration



36 credit hours

Program Length

as few as 18 months


Regionally Accredited by SACSCOC

Unlocking Your Potential in Healthcare Leadership

Columbia International University’s MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration is an immersive academic experience designed to equip ambitious individuals with the knowledge, skills and strategic mindset required to excel as leaders in the dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare industry. Within this transformative program, you will discover a multitude of benefits that will accelerate your professional growth and position you for exciting career opportunities in healthcare administration.

Through this degree, you will be able to: 

  • Expand Your Healthcare Expertise: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of the healthcare industry. Through specialized courses and practical case studies, you will gain a deep understanding of healthcare management, policy, quality assurance, financial dynamics and strategic planning. This robust knowledge base will empower you to make informed decisions, address emerging challenges and drive positive change within healthcare organizations. 
  • Develop Leadership and Management Skills: Effective leadership is paramount in healthcare administration. Our program places a strong emphasis on honing your leadership and management skills. You will develop essential competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and team management. These skills are fundamental for guiding healthcare teams, navigating complex regulatory environments and driving organizational success in a sector marked by constant transformation. 
  • Embrace an Interdisciplinary Approach: Healthcare administration requires a holistic understanding that transcends traditional boundaries. Our program adopts an interdisciplinary approach, integrating business principles, healthcare ethics, legal considerations and strategic thinking. By embracing this comprehensive perspective, you will develop the ability to navigate the complexities of healthcare delivery, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and align organizational goals with patient-centered care. 
  • Bridge the Gap between Business and Healthcare: CIU’s MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration uniquely equips you to bridge the gap between business principles and the healthcare sector. You will cultivate a solid foundation in core business disciplines such as finance, marketing, operations and organizational behavior, while immersing yourself in healthcare-specific courses. This integration of business acumen and healthcare expertise prepares you to excel in leadership roles that demand a profound understanding of both domains. 
  • Networking and Professional Connections: As an MBA student in Healthcare Administration, you will join a vibrant community of faculty, industry professionals and like-minded peers who share your passion for healthcare leadership. You will be able to create a network that offer opportunities for learning, collaboration, mentorship and future career advancements. 
  • Real-World Experiences: We recognize the transformative power of hands-on experiences in shaping your understanding of healthcare administration. Our program integrates practical components, including case studies and simulations. These opportunities allow you to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, develop problem-solving skills and gain practical insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by healthcare administrators. 
  • Career Advancement in the Healthcare Sector: Earning an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration positions you for exciting career opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings. Hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, insurance companies and government agencies actively seek skilled healthcare administrators. Your advanced knowledge, leadership abilities and understanding of healthcare business dynamics will set you apart as a sought-after professional in the field. 

Embark on a transformative journey that merges business acumen with healthcare expertise. Our MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration empowers you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a leader in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Join us and seize the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the delivery of quality healthcare while advancing your own professional goals. 


Why Choose Columbia International University

Choosing Columbia International University for the MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration is a decision that sets you on a transformative path towards a rewarding and impactful career in healthcare leadership. Here are compelling reasons why CIU stands out as the ideal choice for this degree program: 

  • Distinctive Perspective: At Columbia International University, we integrate an ethical and biblical worldview into our academic programs. The MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration embraces this distinctive perspective, ensuring that ethical principles, compassion and service are deeply woven into the fabric of your education. This values-based approach equips you to lead with integrity, empathy and a deep commitment to the well-being of individuals and communities within the healthcare sector. 
  • Expert Faculty and Practical Experience: Our esteemed faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. They are accomplished scholars and seasoned professionals who have navigated the complexities of the healthcare industry firsthand. With their guidance, you will gain practical insights, real-world perspectives and mentorship that will shape your understanding of healthcare administration and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The MBA program at Columbia International University is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in business principles while integrating specialized courses in healthcare administration. You will delve into topics such as healthcare management, healthcare policy, healthcare finance, strategic planning and healthcare ethics. This balanced curriculum ensures that you develop a robust skill set that spans both business and healthcare domains, positioning you for success in a rapidly evolving industry. 
  • Emphasis on Ethical Leadership: Healthcare administration requires leaders who can navigate ethical challenges with wisdom and integrity. At CIU, we prioritize the development of ethical leadership skills. Our program instills in you a deep understanding of ethical principles, equipping you to make principled decisions, navigate complex ethical dilemmas and advocate for the highest standards of patient care and organizational integrity. 
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: The field of healthcare administration intersects with various disciplines, and our program embraces this multidisciplinary approach. By incorporating diverse perspectives from business, healthcare and other related fields, you will develop a well-rounded understanding of the complexities of healthcare administration. This interdisciplinary exposure equips you to collaborate effectively with professionals from different backgrounds, adapt to evolving healthcare trends and find innovative solutions to complex challenges. 
  • Networking and Professional Connections: Columbia International University offers a vibrant community of faculty who are industry professionals that are passionate about healthcare leadership. They provide a platform for learning from experienced leaders in the healthcare sector. These connections can open doors to internships, job placements and future career advancements. 
  • Values in Action: CIU is committed to living out biblical values in all aspects of education. As a student in the MBA program, you will be part of a community that fosters personal growth, spiritual formation and servant leadership. This nurturing environment enables you to integrate faith and vocation, fostering a holistic approach to your healthcare leadership journey. 
  • Global Perspective: The healthcare industry is increasingly interconnected and influenced by global trends. CIU’s commitment to a global perspective prepares you to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a diverse and interconnected world. Engaging with a diverse student body and participating in global initiatives will broaden your cultural intelligence, expand your worldview, and equip you to lead effectively in diverse healthcare environments. 

Choosing Columbia International University for the MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration means embracing a transformative educational experience that integrates faith, academic excellence, ethical leadership and practical relevance. With our unique blend of values-based education, expert faculty, comprehensive curriculum, interdisciplinary approach and a supportive community, CIU provides the ideal platform for you to excel as a healthcare leader who makes a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities. 

Overall Benefits of this Degree

Obtaining an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration offers a multitude of benefits that propel your career in the healthcare industry to new heights. This advanced degree equips you with a comprehensive skill set, strategic mindset and specialized knowledge that are highly valued in healthcare leadership roles. The benefits of earning this degree include enhanced career prospects, expanded job opportunities, increased earning potential, the ability to drive positive change in healthcare organizations, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on patient care and community health. With a deep understanding of both business principles and healthcare dynamics, you will possess the necessary expertise to navigate complex healthcare systems, implement innovative strategies, lead interdisciplinary teams and address the evolving challenges faced by healthcare administrators. Additionally, the MBA program fosters personal and professional growth, cultivates leadership abilities and provides a basis for lifelong learning and networking with industry professionals. Ultimately, the overall benefits of obtaining an MBA in Healthcare Administration empower you to excel as a respected and influential leader in the dynamic and rewarding field of healthcare. 

What Will I Study?

You will take the following classes to earn your MBA:

  • BUS 5010 Business Research and Data Analysis

    The purpose of this course is to prepare you in mathematical, probability, and statistical concepts for your upcoming studies in quantitative methods. Topics include research design, measurement issues, the sources and collection of data. Ethical issues associated with the conduct of research will also be explored. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5020 Organizational Leadership and Ethics

    This course explores the key principles, models, and practices that provide the foundation for effective, ethical organizational leadership and management. Best practices of leadership and management are examined and evaluated as applied to the dynamics of understanding organizational behavior, building cohesive teams, and developing healthy organizations. Ethical and corporate social responsibility (CSR) models and decision making in both for-profit and not-for-profit entities will be addressed. Special emphasis on analyzing and integrating the values and ethics from a Christian worldview will challenge individuals to formulate one's own philosophy of organizational leadership and healthy organizations. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5040 Information Systems and Technology for Business

    This course examines the role of information systems and technology in today's rapidly changing business environment and analyzes technology's implications for efficient management of operations. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 5050 Marketing

    A course designed to explore the main aspects of strategic marketing theories and concepts and their global applications. This course examines the marketing process, marketing research, product development innovation and diffusion, pricing strategy, distribution value drain, advertising and promotion, and strategic marketing issues. This course is designed to equip the students with the concepts and principles necessary to make market oriented business decisions and to enable students to plan, design and critique marketing promotional materials and campaigns within the framework of an ethical perspective. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 6020 Accounting for Financial Reporting and Management

    This course explores the use of accounting information for planning, control and decision-making. Students develop analytical and applied skills through problems and cases that focus on preparing, reporting, and analyzing financial data. Special emphasis focuses on ethical reporting and on potential misuses of financial information. Topics covered include the principles and practices of financial accounting and the fundamentals of managerial accounting, such as cost behavior and budgeting. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 6030 International Business

    This course presents an analysis of the impact of geographic, political, social, economic, legal, and technological influences on business enterprise conducted across national boundaries. The course also explores best practices and various business strategies for successfully launching and engaging in business activity outside the U.S. Students also acquire familiarity with international institutions engaged in promoting international trade and financial transactions. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • ECN 6010 Economics for Business Management

    This course provides the concepts and principles required for understanding and solving economic business problems. The course especially focuses on microeconomic analysis applied to practical business problems and decision-making -- such as factors relevant to production, cost, demand, pricing, and profits -- and also on monetary and fiscal policies that affect industries, markets, and firms. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • LDR 6010 Strategic Planning

    This course introduces the student to the basic concepts and tools of strategic business planning and management. The overall framework within which leaders plan and make decisions is studied. Students explore the notion of strategy and how it relates to competitive advantage and success. Students discover different strategic tools to evaluate environmental threats and opportunities, including using industry competitive forces analysis. The course shows how to identify organization strengths and weaknesses and how to develop competencies. Students study the strategic positioning of an organization in its industry and the necessary factors responsible for strategy execution.

    3.00 credit hours
  • HCA 6010 Healthcare Finance

    This course provides the foundation for integrating health care finance and managerial accounting. Key concepts covered in this course include analysis of financial statements, time value of money, cost of capital, working capital management, and cash flow forecasting. Opportunities for analyzing current and emerging health care financing trends are provided. Practical cost-benefit strategies used in planning, controlling and preparing internal and external reports are emphasized. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • HCA 6020 Accreditation, Quality and Compliance

    This course acquaints students with securing and maintaining accreditation of health care providers, the standards and practices to ensure quality, and the methodologies and standards to ensure compliance with accreditation, legal and quality standards. This course will cover the standards imposed on a health care provider by accrediting institutions, government agencies, and other licensing organizations. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • HCA 6030 Healthcare Legal and Regulatory Climates

    This course provides the student with working knowledge of the principal laws, statutes, rules and regulations governing and impacting the delivery of modern health care. Specific attention is given to debating the rationale and effectiveness of certain aspects of modern health care regulation and law, both nationally and on a state and local level. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
  • HCA 6040 Decision-Making in Health Care Delivery Systems

    This course will focus on the application of advanced organizational principles in complex health care delivery environments. Organizational issues, administrative processes and applications are explored in addition to quality management and statistical controls. The managerial perspectives of a mid-to senior healthcare administrator are emphasized. (3) Limited to online program students.

    3.00 credit hours
For a comprehensive list of courses related to this program visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Accreditation and Accolades

SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

Career Path Opportunities 

  • Healthcare Administrator 
  • Hospital Manager 
  • Healthcare Consultant 
  • Health Services Manager 
  • Medical Practice Manager 
  • Healthcare Policy Analyst 
  • Healthcare Operations Manager 
  • Health Informatics Manager 
  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager 
  • Healthcare Financial Manager 

Top FAQs

What is the duration of the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration at Columbia International University?

The program typically takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete on a full-time basis. Part-time study options are also available, allowing students to customize their pace of study to accommodate personal and professional commitments.

Can I pursue the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration without prior experience in the healthcare industry?

Yes, prior experience in the healthcare industry is not a prerequisite for admission. Our program welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, including those transitioning from other industries. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of healthcare administration, equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the field.

Are there any specific prerequisites for admission to the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration?

While a background in business or healthcare can be beneficial, it is not mandatory. However, foundational knowledge in business concepts may be helpful in understanding certain coursework.

Can I customize my MBA program to focus on specific areas of interest within healthcare administration?

Yes, our program offers flexibility to tailor your coursework based on your specific interests and career goals within healthcare administration. Through elective courses and specialized projects, you can delve deeper into areas such as healthcare policy, healthcare finance, healthcare informatics or any other relevant field.

Are there opportunities for hands-on experiences in the healthcare industry as part of the program?

Yes, the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration provides opportunities for practical experiences. These experiences allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, gain exposure to healthcare organizations and develop valuable industry connections.

How does the program incorporate current trends and developments in healthcare administration?

Our program is designed to stay abreast of current trends and developments in healthcare administration. Faculty members bring real-world experience and research expertise to the classroom, incorporating relevant case studies, guest lectures and discussions on emerging topics to ensure the curriculum reflects the evolving healthcare landscape.

Can I pursue the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration on a part-time basis?

Yes, part-time study options are available to accommodate the needs of working professionals or individuals with other commitments. Part-time students can customize their course load each semester to balance their academic pursuits with personal and professional responsibilities.

Is financial aid available for the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration?

Yes, Columbia International University offers various financial aid options. Eligible students can explore these opportunities to help fund their education. It is recommended to contact the financial aid office for detailed information and assistance.

Can I pursue further advanced degrees after completing the MBA program with a concentration in Healthcare Administration?

Yes, the MBA program provides a solid foundation for further advanced studies if desired. Graduates may choose to pursue doctoral programs in healthcare administration, healthcare management or related fields to further specialize in research, teaching, or advanced leadership roles.


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