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  • Unique fully online Ph.D. in Biblical Studies coming to CIU

    Columbia International Unversity is leading the way in North America with a new and unique Ph.D. being offered in Columbia Biblical Seminary (CBS).

    Beginning in fall 2019, CBS will be the first seminary in the United States or Canada to offer a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies using a fully-online modified European model that focuses on researching and...

  • CIU alumni Carlton Deal and Raphael Anzenberger
    CIU alumni instrumental in European prayer breakfast

    Columbia International University alumnus Dr. Raphael Anzenberger had the unique opportunity of addressing the 2018 European Prayer Breakfast held in Brussels, Belgium in December. The annual event links followers of Jesus from around the European Union in prayer and fellowship.   

    Anzenberger, a native of France, is the director of...

  • CIU men give their all in Spartan Race

    By Jordan Gottfried

    “We believe that you can’t have a strong body without a strong mind, that you can’t grow without pressure, that obstacles help shift our frame of reference and make us more resilient.” ~ Spartan Race Inc.

    I had the great opportunity to be a Spartan Ram, alongside fellow Columbia International University students...

  • Joanna Railey, Grace Hipp and Essie McCurdy celebrate Christmas at CIU.
    CIU Family Celebrates Christmas

    By Ireland Kost and Bob Holmes

    Columbia International University students mingled with over 550 faculty and staff members of CIU and Ben Lippen School and their families at a huge night time outdoor Christmas celebration of the birth of Christ hosted by CIU President...

  • CIU ready to assist Virginia College students

    Here is good news for Virginia College students! Columbia International University is ready to assist you in the transferring of your credits toward appropriate CIU programs.

    Virginia College closed in December, but that doesn’t mean students are without an opportunity to continue their education. And CIU stands ready to help.

    If you’re a Virginia College student, or...

  • Alanna Batterman ministered to refugees living in the Columbia area.
    Intercultural Studies majors find cross-cultural ministry in Columbia

    By Naomi Balk

    CIU Student Writer

    As Columbia International University senior Emma Grace Ballentine was being served food by her Malaysian hostess, she sensed something was wrong.

    “She was burning her hands (by) using a towel as she was serving us food,” said Ballentine recalling one of the first times her refugee friend hosted her for...

Paul Grandacarpio

Former Columbia International University Ram Paul Grandacarpio is a hero. He scored the winning goal in the first home match of a new Columbia semi-pro soccer team.

Grandacarpio plays for...

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CIU Christian Life Conference 2018

Pastor Benny Tate speaks at annual Christian Life Conference

By Joseph Knight and Bob Holmes

Columbia International University celebrated the annual...

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The CIU Rams vs. Columbia College

Another historic milestone in the history of Columbia International University Athletics. Not only have the CIU Rams entered a new sport — volleyball — they won their first home match...

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"Florence Welcome Party" at CIU featured free donuts

The musings of student writers Naomi Balk and Joseph Knight during Hurricane Florence

I was in the Library when we found out that classes were cancelled for the rest of the...

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CIU President Dr. Mark Smith at convocation 2018

President Mark Smith delivers first message in renovated Shortess Chapel

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International...

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Columbia International University is ranked #1 among colleges and universities in South Carolina by

The website’s rankings are intended to inform and guide...

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CIU students take part in Monticello Road clean up.

Columbia International University students got up a little early on a Saturday morning recently and joined hands with community members as they worked to beautify the Monticello Road corridor...

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The House of Virtus

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Hoke Auditorium could hardly contain the energy at the 2018 Throwdown signally the beginning of the annual House...

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The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven” including “A time to tear down...

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CIU students chat outside the renovated Fisher Building.

The fall enrollment numbers are in and Columbia International University is blessed with an increasing number of students to be educated from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the...

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Tie Dye at CIU Soccer.

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Welcome Week introduced new CIU students to life on campus and involved them in creative activities. The warm reception...

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By Bob Holmes

“What do you think of the renovated Fisher Building?” asked the professor.

“Wonderful!” shouted one student. Others applauded. Some...

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