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2017-2018 │FINANCIAL AID

only one of the following merit scholarships listed below. Each scholarship and grant has a minimum GPA requirement. In

order for a CIU student to retain eligibility for institutional aid, the student must meet the following criteria:

Scholarships &


Undergraduate GPA

Graduate-Level GPA

R.C. McQuilkin



(Undergraduate only)

Board Scholarship


(Undergraduate only)





Dean Scholarship



Servant Leader







(Undergraduate only)

All Other CIU Grants


Varies. Must maintain minimum GPA

requirement for program of study.

CIU also awards endowed scholarships which have been established by and are funded through individuals, families, and

institutions that are deeply committed to God’s work around the world and to the role CIU plays in training students for such

work. Student recipients of these scholarships are required to provide an appropriate “thank you” letter to the donor(s). A

complete list of such scholarships can be found at the end of this section.

When returning students are being reviewed for their financial aid packages for the upcoming academic year, those who

fail to meet the GPA will not be awarded CIU institutional aid. GPA requirements are not reviewed in the middle of the

academic year. Policy regarding institutional aid can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office or online at .

Consortium Agreements/Study Abroad

Institutional scholarships and grants may be awarded to students taking classes under formal consortium agreements as

long as the student’s degree major or minor requires study at that outside institution. Student aid packages for those studying

at other institutions will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. Students must be in good standing and enrolled

full-time in courses applicable to their degree to be considered for institutional aid. Study tours may not count towards

federal, state, or CIU institutional aid eligibility requirements.

The institutional aid is limited to one semester, except in the case where two semesters are required for the degree (i.e. the

Middle Eastern Studies major requiring two semesters at Jerusalem University College). Other study abroad programs, that

meet graduation requirements but are not mandatory for the degree the student is currently seeking, may receive up to 50%

of the student’s institutional aid. The institutional aid is limited to one semester.

Education Benefits

Students receiving education benefits as an employee, dependent or spouse of a full-time CIU employee are not eligible for

additional institutional aid from CIU.


Any employee or dependent with our partner agencies is eligible for a 25 percent tuition reduction for any course, with the

exception of doctoral-level courses. Students receiving a partnership discount are not eligible for additional institutional aid

from CIU. The Financial Aid Office evaluates each student to determine the best financial aid source (partnership discount

or CIU institutional aid). To view a list of our eligible partner organizations, please visit