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BIB 4655


In this course you will investigate the priority of the New Covenant over the Old as presented in the biblical letter called “to the Hebrews.”

You will focus specifically on an inductive and hermeneutical approach, the relevancy of the letter’s teachings to Christian attitudes and

lifestyles, and the book’s missiological implications. This course serves as a New Testament exegetical book study. (3)


BIB 3420

BIB 4679


In this detailed study of the book of Revelation, you will give special attention to the literary, historical, and theological aspects of the

final book of the New Testament. You will give special consideration to the contribution of Revelation to early Christian eschatology

and Christology. This course is designed to help you make use of what you have learned concerning the principles and methods of

proper biblical interpretation. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 3420

BIB 5112

Genesis to Song of Solomon: God’s Plan of Creation and Redemption

In this course you will focus on the structure and contexts (historical, political, social and religious) of each book, major theological

passages and issues, and the application of these texts to the life of the New Testament believer. God introduces His purpose for

creating the world and redeeming human beings and establishes Israel as the nation through which He would bless all the nations in

Jesus Christ. (3)

BIB 5113

Prophets: God’s Message of Redemption and Judgment

In this course you will focus on the structure and contexts (historical, political, social and religious) of each prophetic book, major

theological passages and issues, and the application of these texts to the life of the New Testament believer. The prophets of Israel

proclaim God’s program for Israel and the nations of the Old Testament period and anticipate the redemptive work of Christ whose

predicted life and death would secure salvation for the world. (3)

BIB 5132

Gospels: God’s Means of Providing Redemption

This course will guide you through a chronological, synthetic study of the four gospel records, emphasizing the time, place,

circumstances, and persons involved in the events of Jesus’ ministry. The gospel writers narrate the life, death, and resurrection of

Jesus Christ, God’s appointed Redeemer of the world, who fulfills the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament. (3)

BIB 5133

Acts to Revelation: God’s People Proclaiming Redemption Globally

In this course you will study the introductory background, structure, and content of the New Testament books, Acts to Revelation,

understood within their first century life setting. The authors of Acts, the letters, and Revelation not only relate the advance of the Early

Church in proclaiming redemption globally, they provide the contemporary church with normative missionary documents to guide it in

fulfilling Christ’s commission. (3)

BIB 5410

Hermeneutics: Interpreting and Applying the Bible

This course introduces you to the principles and processes of biblical interpretation and application. Emphasis will be placed on both

theory and practice. Within the framework of an exegetical method, you will learn to apply basic principles to selected missiological

passages from the Old and New Testaments. Special attention will be given to the principles used in correctly interpreting parables,

poetry, and prophecy. (3)

BIB 5830

Biblical Theology of Mission

You will engage in a comprehensive study of the biblical foundation for mission as it relates to the church’s missionary obligation before

God to the world in both word and deed. Special attention will be given to exposing you to important issues within evangelical missiology

today. (3)

BIB 5888

Israel Study Tour

You will participate in an intensive study tour of the most important accessible biblical sites in Israel, with emphasis on those located in

Judea, Galilee and Jerusalem. Instruction is provided by a resident faculty member who plans and supervises the tour. Register through

TraveLearn. (3)

BIB 6010

Acts from Historical, Theological, and Missiological Perspectives

This study of Acts examines the birth and growth of the early church. In addition to studying the historical sequence of events, you will

consider Luke’s theological themes, learn to extrapolate legitimate biblical principles from historical narrative, and apply those principles

in the development of contemporary missions strategy. Attention will be given to the use of Acts for teaching and preaching. (3)

Prerequisite: BIB 5410

BIB 6200

Bible Backgrounds

This course will introduce you to the resources and methodological principles for studying and applying the finds of Bible backgrounds

as an integral part of the hermeneutical process. Attention will be given to both Old Testament (ancient Near Eastern) and the New

Testament (Jewish and Greco-Roman) backgrounds. As you compare the history, cultures, and literature of the biblical world, you will

discover both similarities and differences and will evaluate their impact and role in the exegesis of the biblical text. (3)

BIB 6310

Progress of Redemption

You will engage in a study of God’s redemptive plan as it progressively unfolds throughout the Bible. Special attention will be given to

the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ as He brings to fulfillment the promises, prophecies, and types of the Old Testament. (3)