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CIU Freshmen “Feeding

Children Everywhere”

It was only their second day of

orientation, but already CIU freshmen

and transfer students were engaging

in Christian community service. They

joined early-arriving CIU athletes on

an “assembly line” set up on the Rams

home basketball court, to package

15,000 lentil casseroles for needy people

around the corner and around the world.

The event was organized by the charity

“Feeding Children Everywhere” whose

mission is “to provide people with the

opportunity to make a tangible impact

in the lives of not only children, but the

people most affected by hunger.”

The approximately 100 students donned

green hairnets and were divided into

groups of 10 at 10 tables where some

dipped the ingredients (lentils, rice,

dehydrated vegetables, pink Himalayan

salt) into small plastic bags, others

weighed the bag, and another duo

sealed the bags while the final two

students boxed the bags with half

destined for a Columbia area food bank

and the remainder for other parts of the


CIU Dean of Students Rick Swift says this

was a good community service project to

start the school year because the ministry

could be performed on campus and

helped new students get to know one


“They start working together and

connecting with more than the two or

three friends they made right off the bat,

and begin to interact with other students

and get those friendships going,” Swift

said. “And then they’re doing something

to serve the community and serve the


”Doc O” Leads Prison Band

(Contributed by Clark Newsom, internal communications director, South Carolina

Department of Corrections)

Former CIU music professor Dr. David “Doc O” Osterlund is the founder and director

of what is possibly the only concert prison band in the nation. The Broad River

Correctional Institution (BRCI) Concert Band at the South Carolina Department of

Corrections (SCDC) in Columbia held its first concert May 29 in the BRCI Chapel

following a year of organization and practices.

Osterlund proudly led 46 inmates in musical numbers played on the recorder, guitar

and violin, and by the full concert band. Solos were also sung by inmates from the

group. They performed for inmates, staff and their family members. Most of the group

had little to no musical training, just a love of music and a desire to learn.

Osterlund said the band members worked hard every day to improve their individual and group performances.

“(The inmates) tell me that being a part of a musical group like this is enjoyable, therapeutic, and mentally and physically

uplifting,” Osterlund said.

Osterlund is also the co-director of the CIU Prison Initiative that offers an Associate of Arts degree from CIU to qualified inmates

who become prison chaplain assistants.

The Broad River Correctional Institution

Concert Band (photo: SCDC)



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