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lake, the CIU soccer/softball field, the Ben Lippen School track, as well as

the basketball court and tennis courts behind the men’s residence halls. The

student center is open for TV viewing and other indoor activities. The grassy

area around the residence halls and inside campus (outside the cafeteria, the

quadrangle, etc.) should be quiet and restful, reserved for naps, reading and

group worship. The Pointe should also be considered a “quiet” area on the

Lord’s Day. Sanctioned athletics may occasionally occur on Sunday afternoon.

Opportunities for Spiritual Focus

Throughout the year we schedule particular opportunities for special spiritual

focus and ministry. Attendance at each of these opportunities is expected unless

excused in advance by the Student Life Office.

Prayer Days:

CIU is committed to the principle that prayer and faith should be

demonstrated in the life of every believer. For this reason prayer days will be

scheduled each semester with an emphasis on corporate prayer. Classes will

be cancelled or shortened; faculty, staff, and students are to be involved in

these days of prayer.

Fall 2015 Prayer Days:

Sept. 16, Oct. 27, and Nov. 17

Spring 2016 Prayer Days:

Jan. 27, Feb. 25, and March 29

Christian Life Conference:

CLC is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal

and personal commitment for the CIU family. Rev. Doug Rutt from Christian

Family Chapel, an Independent, Non-denominational Bible Church, will be our

speaker in chapel the week of

September 14-17, 2015


World Christian Week:

CIU, as a corporate body, has the opportunity to

celebrate what God is doing in the world and to challenge our participation

in the Great Commission. WCW provides an excellent opportunity to interact

with mission representatives from all over the world and possibly receive

direction for the future. WCW will be the week of

February 22-25, 2016


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drugs

Use of alcohol, tobacco (including e-cigarettes), or illegal drugs of any kind is

prohibited. Exception: participation in communion at church where wine is served

is permitted. Students should not accept employment in businesses where the

primary function of the establishment is the serving of alcohol, even if food is also

served. A good question to keep in mind when considering employment is, “Would

this establishment be in existence if alcohol was not served?” If it would not, it is

not an appropriate place to work.

Movies, Music & Computer Use

Students are asked to practice godly discernment in their visual and listening choices.

We should limit our viewing and listening to material that does not violate biblical

principles of purity and worthiness in order to maintain personal purity and to avoid

being a stumbling block for one another or the gospel (II Cor. 6:3-10; I Tim. 4:12).


Movie ratings are unreliable guides as to the appropriateness of

any given movie. For example, movies rated PG may contain strong violence