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Humanities Program Director, Professor of English and Humanities

Dr. Steve Baarendse grew up as a “Third Culture Kid” in Vienna, Austria. He studied English and Art at Taylor University (BA, 1990) and Comparative Literature and Art History at Indiana University

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Beyer came to CIU in 1985 to teach Bible. He served as undergraduate academic dean from 1994–2001; dean of students from 2001–2004; and faculty member in the Seminary & School of Ministry from

Associate Professor of English

Professor H. Keller Bright grew up in Orlando, Florida. He received his undergraduate degree in English at Baylor out in Waco, Texas and later went on to pursue a Master of English degree at Liberty

Professor of Intercultural Studies

Dr. Cashin is professor of intercultural studies in the College of Intercultural Studies at CIU. Previously, he lived in Sweden, where he served as pastor of two churches.

Director, Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies

Dr. Castor and his wife, Katie, served as YWAM missionaries in South Asia before coming to CIU. He started working at the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies in 2008. His research interests are in Muslim

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Clevenger enjoys sharing her passion for investing in young learners with future teachers. She desires to prepare educators to value the foundational experiences early childhood teachers can

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Karen Close grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She dropped out of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas to marry Jack Close, who was a Doctoral student at the University of Texas, a Canadian, and

Associate Professor of Nursing

Angela joined the CIU School of Nursing in 2021 as one of the founding faculty members. She teaches Mental Health and Adult Health and serves as the Director of Clinical Education and Admissions. She

Bible Teaching (Undergraduate and Graduate) Program Director, Professor of Bible Teaching

Dr. Anita Cooper directs the Bible Teaching program, a program specifically designed to prepare students to teach the Bible in a school setting. Before coming to CIU, she taught Bible in the public

Professor of Biology

Dr. Daniel Criswell joined the Columbia International University faculty in 2022. Previously, he was a biology professor at Louisiana Christian University (2010–2022), a research biologist for the

Dean, Seminary and School of Counseling

Dr. Croteau joined the faculty of Columbia Biblical Seminary in 2013, became Associate Dean in 2020, and Dean of the Seminary and School of Counseling in 2021. He teaches New Testament and Greek

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