Undergraduate Visit Options

CIU welcomes the opportunity to show what’s waiting here for new undergraduate students interested in joining a tight-knit community of Christian students and educators who think globally and act locally, wherever they find themselves around the world. We do this by offering personal visits, group visits and campus visit events. Choose below which type of visit is best for you.

Personal Visits

CIU offers personal visits to prospective students and their families year-round. It includes visits with faculty and staff, attending class, going to chapel and enjoying a meal in the cafeteria.

Group Visits

We also offer group visits. If your school, youth group or organization would like to experience CIU campus life together, we are happy to schedule a customized visit just for you!

McQuilkin Scholarship Event | February 15, 2020

All qualifying attendees will receive a $1,000 scholarship during this Saturday event. You’ll also experience a college class, learn about life on campus, engage in fun activities with future classmates, and more!

Open House | February 29, 2020

Our open houses pack a lot in a two-hour visit, including meeting faculty, admissions, financial aid, career services, and taking a tour of the campus. Find out more about our CIU Open House.

Preview Event | April 3, 2020

Campus tours, dining hall time with future classmates, and meeting your future professors make this visit a highlight for everyone involved. Find out more about Preview Event!