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CIU Distinguished Alumnus Sam Moore
A distinguished Columbia International University alumnus and a leader in Bible publishing is with the Lord.Sam Moore passed away on June 1, 2018. He was 88 years old.When Moore arrived in the United... Read More
Pastor Andre Melvin of Temple Zion Baptist Church
When Columbia International University broke ground on a new Global Business & IT Center near the campus entrance in early May, it symbolized more than a new building. It marked a revitalization... Read More
The largest evangelical seminary in Haiti recently welcomed Columbia International University Professor Dr. Raphael Anzenberger to teach a class on Biblical Theology of Missions.Anzenberger’s... Read More
Fisher renovations will include new furniture and technology
When Columbia International University relocated from downtown Columbia to its current campus at 7435 Monticello Road in 1959, the Fisher Classroom Building was among the first to adorn the property... Read More
By Bob Holmes Michelle Raven says the highlight of her first Columbia International University-led ministry/study tour to Africa was a trip to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.Raven is the director of CIU... Read More
CIU student-athlete Jordan Sprueill
By Dr. James LanpherColumbia International University Provost As part of what we do at CIU every year to measure how well we are doing and where we can improve, we give several surveys. One of the... Read More
By Bob Holmes
Women have had a major impact on Columbia International University since its founding. As a matter of fact, it would not exist today if it were not for a small group of Columbia... Read More
CIU Student Refugee Ministry in ColumbiaBy Jairo de OliveiraCIU Graduate StudentIn August 2016 I moved to Columbia, South Carolina, with my family (wife and son) to study at Columbia International... Read More
Two graduates of the Columbia International University's College of Education have recently taken on leadership positions.Emir Ruiz Esparza has been hired as Dean of Student Life, Learning and... Read More
The sign announcing the construction of the William H. Jones Global Business & IT Center
It may get a bit dusty at times around the CIU campus this summer, but by the time students return in late August, there will be some very noticeable changes. It’s known around campus as... Read More
CIU Professor of Church Ministry Dr. Andre Rogers
By Bob Holmes
Columbia International University professor of Church Ministry, Dr. Andre Rogers has an additional role outside the classroom. CIU President Dr. Mark Smith has named Rogers special... Read More
Dr. Mike Langston
By Thomas S. MullikinIn the wake of a marked rise in both mental health and spiritual well-being issues – and a dearth of Christian outreach programs to deal with the same – there is said to be a ‘... Read More