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Dear Prospective Student,

In 1987, I enrolled as a student at Columbia International University. CIU

attracted me because of the university’s heart for reaching the nations

with the message of Jesus Christ.

During my student years, I learned about CIU’s five core values: the

Authority of Scripture, World Evangelization, Prayer & Faith, Victorious

Christian Living and Evangelical Unity. These core values represent the

DNA of CIU. They shape and define us by giving us purpose and passion.

I’ve never forgotten my student years here at CIU!

Today, as in 1987, CIU continues its mission of training professional minis-

ters and ministering professionals to impact the world with the message of

Christ. Your program of study is designed to equip you not only for your

professional calling, but also equips you to share Christ anytime, any-


Your education at CIU will transform you spiritually, physically, mentally and

emotionally. You will gain new friends and experience new encounters with


I invite you to come and spend time on our campus. Visit with our stu-

dents, talk to our faculty, see our passion and experience what it’s like to

really know Him and make Him known.

This catalog contains information about studying and living at CIU. But it

may not tell you everything you want to know. If we can help you personal-

ly, please call (800) 777-2227 or e-mail the University Admissions Office at

to discuss your specific needs or questions with one

of our counselors.

Warmly in Christ,

William H. Jones


WilliAm H. JoneS


2012-2013 Seminary Programs Academic Catalog