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University Setting

Columbia International University (CIU) is a multi-

denominational Christian higher education institu-

tion dedicated to preparing world Christians to

serve God with excellence.

The schools of CIU’s university division, the

College of Arts & Sciences, the College of

Education, the College of Counseling, the College

of Intercultural Studies and the Seminary &

School of Ministry, offer postsecondary degree

programs ranging from Associate of Arts to

Doctor of Ministry. All postsecondary programs

emphasize spiritual formation, mastery of biblical

content and interpretation skills, cultivation of a

biblical worldview and ministry skills develop-

ment, the latter through field education and

internship experiences.

In its residence programs, CIU serves students

from more than 40 states and more than 30 for-

eign countries. More than 50 church denomina-

tions and independent fellowships are

represented in the faculty and student body. The

majority of CIU graduates serve in vocational

Christian ministry roles, including approximately

30 percent of CIU graduates who serve in cross-

cultural contexts. Online courses serve several

hundred additional students, both graduate and

undergraduate, in the United States and around

the world.

Other CIU ministries include Ben Lippen School

and two radio stations, WMHK in Columbia, S.C.

and WRCM in Charlotte, N.C.

The purpose of Columbia International University

is to educate people from a biblical worldview to

impact the nations with the message of Christ.

History and Mission

Columbia International University Seminary &

School of Ministry was organized in 1936 as the

graduate division of Columbia Bible College,

established in South Carolina’s capital city in

1923. From its beginning, the school has empha-

sized the preparation of men and women for

overseas missionary service.

In 1947 the graduate division became the

Graduate School of Missions. From 1973 until

1987, the seminary was known as the Columbia

Graduate School of Bible & Missions, emphasiz-

ing our commitment to prepare men and women

for biblically-based ministries both in North

America and overseas. This emphasis now is

expressed in our name Columbia International

University Seminary & School of Ministry (abbre-

viated to CIU SSM in this catalog). CIU SSM is

one of the schools in the university division of

Columbia International University.

CIU SSM and its parent university occupy a 400-

acre campus with forests and lakes on the north

side of Columbia, the 200-year-old capital of

South Carolina. Combining the convenience and

challenge of an adjacent urban area with the

charm and serenity of the South, the locale pro-

vides an environment ideal for study, ministry and


With a well-qualified faculty and resources for

learning, students find the incentive and curricular

guidance necessary for progress toward their

goals. Through the spiritual, academic, social and

physical dimensions of CIU SSM life, we seek to

educate people from a biblical worldview to

impact the nations with the message of Christ, or

to put it more succinctly, “to know Him” better

and “to make Him known” more effectively.

Together we recognize that God’s purpose for

CIU SSM corporately and for its faculty and stu-

dents individually can only be achieved by the

Holy Spirit working supernaturally through yielded


At CIU SSM, implementation of the corporate

purpose is expressed in the following statement:

The mission of Columbia International University

Seminary & School of Ministry is to equip Great

Commission Christians to minister in multicultural


Your study at CIU Seminary & School of Ministry

is intended to transform your life. You will have

many formal and informal experiences that help

you grow in maturity academically, spiritually and

in your skills for ministry. Opportunities exist not

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