Transition to Campus

CIU students build lasting friendships.

Transitioning to Campus 

When you arrive at CIU, we want you to feel at home. Enjoy our beautiful, quaint campus as you become familiar with the facilities and get to know one another.


We will introduce you our community at New Student Orientation, where you will have the opportunity to connect with other students through fun and interactive activities while finalizing your admissions processes. As a new undergraduate student, this event will help you prepare for college life at CIU. Look for information in the mail about this required orientation for new incoming undergraduate students.

The CIU Seminary & Graduate Orientation Program also provides a comprehensive introduction to the CIU community and CIU's educational philosophy, and is a time to connect with CIU faculty, staff and students. All new incoming seminary and graduate students will receive a schedule and more information in the mail.


There are several on-campus housing options available to you and you may submit your housing requests prior to attendance by completing the housing survey.

Registration is open once the registrar alerts new students through their MyCIU accounts. Contact Residence Life with any questions at (803) 807-5485.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance coverage. Under the federal government's health care law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), you must have a plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage or pay a fee on your next federal tax return. There is no special student exception to the federal requirement to have health insurance. CIU does not provide a student health insurance; the student is responsible to secure his or her own coverage. Coverage is available for Non-US citizens through International Student Insurance or ISO Insurance.

International Athletes

International student-athletes must purchase one of the Pioneer Elite insurance plans offered by CIU. Please do not purchase other international insurance policies as a substitute for this coverage since all international student-athletes are required to purchase this insurance through us. Information about these plans will be provided to international student-athletes, and the cost of this policy will be billed through CIU to the student-athlete’s account.

Health Form 

In order to enroll for courses at CIU, each student must submit the health form to the Health Services office. Contact Health Services at (803) 807-5056.