Transfer Students

Who are transfer students?

CIU defines college transfer students as those who have attempted 12 credit hours or more at an accredited institution after high school. They’re also an integral part of our educational and spiritual community.

We define CIU graduate transfer students as those who have earned hours at an accredited graduate school or seminary.

Each year, we welcome a number of transfers at the college and graduate level to our Christian university. Some are undergraduates who feel a call to a new direction, or have successfully completed their first two years at a community college.

Others are graduate students who have moved with their spouses or their jobs, perhaps, or also want to go in a different direction with their studies or their careers. Graduate-level transfer students come to CIU from local seminaries and those out of state. 

Military Transfer Students

Because we are located just minutes away from Fort Jackson, the military’s largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the country, military transfer students come to CIU to continue their seminary education.

International Transfer Students

CIU has educated students and alumni from 40 countries around the world. God has also called international transfer students to leave familiar territory and come to CIU to prepare to impact the nations with the message of Christ.

Whatever the reason you’re called to CIU, we’re here to help you begin your new journey in Christ.

Academic Partnerships

CIU engages in academic partnerships in order to enhance students’ educational experience and further our mission. These partnerships include participation in undergraduate study abroad programs, agreements with international institutions for courses and programs, and articulation agreements to accept specific coursework.

AMBEX: Corban University

Cedarville University-Graduate School

ESCT: Wycliff

Gesellschaft für Bildung und Forschung (GBFE)

H.E.A.R.T. Missionary Training Institute

Institute of Theological Seminars

Institute of Theological Seminars of Christian Renewal Ministries

Jerusalem University College


Liberty University-Master of Science in Athletic Training 

Midlands Technical College (On-Campus Business)

Midlands Technical College (Online Business)

Midlands Technical College A.D.N., RN-BSN

Mount Airy Christian Academy

New Spring Leadership College

Penn View Bible Institute

Prairie View A&M University

Sias University

SIL Ethiopia

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries

Southeastern University, Inc. (Masters in Medical Science)

Technical College of the Low Country

The Carolina Theological Consortium

The Colson Fellows Program

Williamsburg Technical College


Dual Enrollment 

Ben Lippen School

Jasper County School District (Ridgeland Hardeeville HS)

Northside Christian Academy

Trinity Christian Academy

Westminster Catawba Christian School