Study Abroad Programs

CIU students have the opportunity too study abroad in various countries.

Study Abroad

The CIU TraveLearn program prepares you to share Christ with the world. Students who study abroad can expect to forge lasting friendships, gain​ global perspective and — best of all — deepen their ability to make an impact for Christ.

Mission Trips

Sharing and experiencing God’s love while immersed in another culture can be a life-changing experience. Individual credit-bearing courses are offered by some majors and are designed to teach you how to plan and conduct short-term mission trips.

Study Tours

These credit-bearing courses expose you to the sights, sounds and practices of other cultures. Examples include the Western Man Study Tour to Europe that includes cultural and historical instruction and a study tour in Israel in conjunction with Jerusalem University College.

CIU students have the opportunity to study abroad in places like Israel.

Study Tour Partners

CIU partners with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities to offer the Best Semester off-campus study programs. Students choosing Best Semester have traveled to Australia, Costa Rica, Uganda and more — returning with fresh knowledge and keen insights about the world around us. Through AMBEX, you can study abroad in Europe while learning German history and culture.  Our partnership with Jerusalem University College affords you the opportunity to spend a semester in the Holy Land, studying scriptures in their settings.


Talk to your academic advisor to explore the possibilities of internships and study abroad programs.