The launch logo and a photo of CIU students.

Taking Business and Entrepreneurship Beyond the Classroom

Launch at the John R. Cook, Jr. Business and Entrepreneurship Center – is a cutting-edge collaboration between CIU and area businesses and ministries. Launch takes your entrepreneurship and vocational success beyond the classroom by fostering hands-on educational opportunities that equip you to become one of tomorrow’s Christian business leaders. 

The Incubator:  Got a new business or ministry idea? Here at Launch, faculty advisors, business leaders, and experts with experience establishing and operating successful businesses and ministries around the world will help you bring your idea to life!  

Internships: Learn how you can fit into the marketplace and develop your God-given passions and interests through a focused internship that lets you apply classroom learning on the job.

Resumes: An effective resume opens doors. Our Launch faculty resources have decades of experience recruiting and hiring interns and employees. We will help you craft a professional resume that gets results.

Interview Skills: Skype and online interviews are a part of today’s interviewing process. At Launch, our expert faculty resources and state-of-the-art, professional video interview facility will help you learn how to present yourself at your very best.

Launch Learning Seminars and Workshops: Designed as a hub for up-to-date and relevant information, Launch seminars and workshops will provide you with a wealth of practical business knowledge.

Collaborative Student Learning Teams and Organizations: Within the Launch facilities, the student-organized Fellowship of Christian Professionals (FCP) grows new businesses and equips aspiring entrepreneurs. At FCP it’s easy to get involved and start creating your professional network that will last a lifetime.