The Importance of Asking Questions

Imagine a world without questions. What if we were only able to give commands, statements, or answers? No more marriage proposals. You want to ask how your friend is doing? Forget about it. Curiosity is extinct. Tests, teachers, and tutors are a thing of the past. No one can creep out of ignorance. A world without questions would be horrible. Questions are important. They help us discover the right answers.

I always thought that you only asked questions when you didn’t know something. But Dr. Powell, the director of the Family and Church Education (F.A.C.E.) major, has helped me see questions in a new light. The director of my major taught me that questions can be used to deepen Bible study discussions. He helped me understand that questions should be clear. Questions shouldn’t be too hard or too easy. If Goldilocks were Dr. Powell, then she’d say, “Our questions should be just right.” Questions should be a springboard to dive deeper into a topic or into the text of Scripture.

I teach a 3rd grade Sunday school class at my church every Sunday. For my kids, their favorite part of the class is a segment I call “Questions for Candy”. The candy they receive for answering my questions is probably why this is their favorite part of the class. But I also think that the kids enjoy answering my questions. Answering questions makes kids feel smart. But no one feels smart if they don’t understand the question. That’s why I’m so thankful that Dr. Powell taught me how to ask clear questions. I’m glad he taught me how useful questions can be in reviewing parts of my Bible lesson. I’m thankful that he showed me the importance of affirming people and their answers.

I don’t know which questions you have. I hope you’re never too scared to ask God or people your questions. As Dr. Powell often says, “If you don’t ask, you’ve already got your answer.” I’m so glad we don’t live in a world without questions. Questions allow us to dig for knowledge. Our awesome God can help us receive the answers or peace that we’re desperately seeking with our worrisome questions and concerns.  Our God knows everything, but he still knows the importance of asking a good question. So, let’s step out in faith. Let’s ask people and God some good questions.   

-Aaron Sobey


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