Staying Up Late With the Night Owls

I’m not the early bird who gets the worm. Cereal tastes better than worms in the morning anyway. I’m the kind of night owl who avoids sleep and despises the early morning’s existence. Christmas Break has given me the chance to hunt midnight snacks under the cover of darkness, while hanging out with fellow night owls. During this break, I stayed up late with my three older brothers who have “night owlish tendencies.” I loved laughing and hanging out with them as we played fun games like “Balderdash,” “Things,” and “Puerto Rico.”  

Those late night times with my brothers reminded me of the fun times that I’ve spent with the night owls on my hall at CIU. During the late hours of the night, my fellow night owlish CIU brothers look like ugly, unshaven, walking zombies. As we mumble to each other, we would appear to be speaking a foreign language to an unaccustomed outsider. We get closer to each other as we speak incoherently about the strange alien species known as woman that creeps along the earth’s surface. Our friendships are deepened as we talk about the beautiful women that we love or the sports teams that we bleed for. When we talk late at night about accountability in our wars for purity and integrity, we’re given a renewed strength to fight the spiritual war against the devil and his forces.

If we’re not forming deep friendships through talking, then we’re connecting through video games. If we’re not in the mood for video games, then we’ll try to be as noisy as possible without getting caught by the early birds for being too loud during “quiet hour.” We sprint toward our prey like cheetahs as we find meat in the African savannah known as McDonald’s. We go for a run around CIU’s campus at midnight, so that our bodies look buff and tough.  Staying up late at night with these night owls gives you a new set of brothers. These brothers will bring you closer to Jesus and unforgettable memories. Those are much tastier than any ole’ early worm!

-Aaron Sobey

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