Amy DuBois

Amy Dubois
Professor of Business Administration

B.A. Southern Methodist University; MBA Baylor University; DBA Student at Grand Canyon University

Amy came to CIU in the spring of 2013 as an adjunct faculty member in finance. In January 2014 she joined CIU and is a full-time School of Business professor. Amy is completing her Doctorate of Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.

After earning her MBA from Baylor University in 2002, Amy worked for the Magazine Publishing Group as a Customer Relationship Manager.  From there, God called Amy into full-time ministry leadership.  As a ministry leader, Amy used the tools she learned studying business every day.  For example, she used accounting and finance to appropriately steward ministry resources, marketing to promote activities, operations management to organize effective and efficient events, and leadership to effectively work with interns, volunteers, and colleagues.  Most recently, Amy has been appointed to serve as the Dean of the Innovation Academy for Ben Lippen School.

Amy loves to equip students with the invaluable tools that are a part of studying business. The skills and principles learned in CIU’s Business Administration program create a solid launch pad for any career. Amy’s desire is to help students understand these foundational business principles so they can go into businesses around the world and point people to Christ by demonstrating Godly leadership.

B.A. Southern Methodist University; MBA Baylor University; DBA student at Grand Canyon University; 2003-2008 Director of Student Ministries, Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church, Lexington, SC; 2008-2013 Middle School Student Pastor, The Harvest, Lexington, SC