CIU Contributes to “Kinder, Gentler Prison System”

CIU Prison Initiative alumnus Ryan Chitwood
January 23, 2020

Jacob is in the final years of his prison term. In the meantime, the alumnus of the CIU Prison Initiative will continue to make an impact on his fellow inmates.

Jacob, (prison policy prohibits use of last names), is featured in a recent report by South Carolina Public Radio. Reporter Scott Morgan visited the Manning Reentry/Work Release Center near Columbia, and chatted with inmates who will soon be back out in society, and how the prison system has prepared them for it. For some, the CIU Prison Initiative is an important part of the preparation. 

The CIU Prison Initiative equips qualified inmates through an accredited Associate of Arts degree, to reach fellow inmates with the message of Christ. Some also earn a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, alumni of the CIU Prison Initiative are assigned as chaplain’s assistants at correctional facilities around the state.

Since the inception of the CIU Prison Initiative in 2007, 157 men and women have graduated from the program serving in more than 20 institutions with zero recidivism among graduates released from prison.

Listen to what Jacob had to say about how the CIU Prison Initiative helped him minister to others while in prison and is preparing him for life on the outside. Check out the report, “South Carolina’s Try At a Kinder, Gentler Prison System.” You can also read more at South Carolina Public Radio.

Learn more about The CIU Prison Initiative and how you can support it.

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