CIU Professor Weighs in on Muslim Issues

October 14, 2011

Columbia International University Professor Dr. Warren Larson is often called on for his expertise when it comes to issues related to Islam. Two recent hot topics have brought Larson into the news on the pages of "Christianity Today" magazine.

Larson, who is an associate professor at CIU's Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, has written "Missionaries to Muslims Agree to Soften Criticisms of Each Other." The genesis of the article was "Bridging the Divide," a meeting of scholar-practitioners who gathered to discuss their differences related to ministry practices in the Muslim world. Larson was a key figure at the event. Read Larson's article:

Larson, who served for 23 years as a missionary in Pakistan, also offers his thoughts in a related "Christianity Today" article, "Wycliffe, SIL Issue Guidelines on Translating 'Son of God' Among Muslims." That article is also at the "Christianity Today" website:

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