Student Body President encouraging “Christ’s selfless love” during pandemic

CIU Student Body President Christina Brown wears her mask to set an example for others.
August 10, 2020

When Columbia International University Student Body President Christina Brown logged in to a Zoom meeting with other South Carolina student body presidents, it didn’t surprise her that the topic soon turned to how campuses are dealing with COVID-19. But what she found interesting was the common attitude among them. It’s the students who need to be taking the lead in making sure their campuses are safe in the 2020-2021 school year.

As Brown was getting ready for CIU students’ return to classes on Aug. 24, she had time for this quick Q&A:

What was the purpose of the Zoom meeting with the other student body presidents?

This meeting was initiated because student body presidents around South Carolina wanted to get to know each other. It was so encouraging to connect with students who have similar responsibilities and will be facing similar challenges this year.

What was the general consensus of the group when it comes to making sure everyone is safe on campuses this fall?

We all came to the consensus that if we want to continue to share our college experience with each other we must follow the safety guidelines put in place by our universities’ administrations.

What do you think is the responsibility of college students when it comes to health and safety during the pandemic?

During a discussion about the difficulty of enforcing safety guidelines, I said that at the end of the day we’re taking precautions, wearing a mask, and washing our hands because we care about others and the reality is that there is no way to force someone to care about other people.

During this pandemic our responsibility as college students is to do just that — to care about others. We must be aware that while many of us might be young and healthy, the professors, staff, faculty, and at-risk-students that surround us may not be. As college students we must commit to following safety guidelines as a way to care about these people who serve and support us, and as a way to protect ourselves.

How can college students, especially Christian students, practically demonstrate God’s love during this time?

As I just mentioned, all college students can take this time to care about others, but especially as Christians we can demonstrate Christ’s selfless love by putting others needs before our own and accepting moments of discomfort and even awkwardness in order to keep our commitment to safety.

What will you as student body president be doing to encourage a safe and healthy campus?

Though the Executive Team looks forward to tackling many projects this year, the safety of the student body is our priority. Along with other student leaders at CIU, I commit to setting an example as I care for others by following the guidelines the university has put in place for our protection.

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