Parent's Guide

New undergraduates to CIU typically are away from their nurturing family life for the first time. We offer spiritual, emotional and financial resources — based on years of experience and a commitment to love Christ and our students — to help make the transition smoother and your students’ time here a success. You play a critical role in your son or daughter's college planning and transition, and we offer a parents guide to help make the transition to college smoother for you and the student.

Financial Aid Resources & Tools

How will you pay for your child's education? Financial aid may be available to help cover costs and make college affordable. The financial aid tools and resources below include information on sources of financial assistance, how to navigate that information, and calculators. 

Prayer Guide

Parents should always pray for their children - even while they are choosing a college and when they are transitioning to college life. We've put together a prayer guide for parents.

Transition Tips

The thought of your son or daughter going off to college comes with mixed emotions. These transition tips could make things a little easier. 

Disability Resources

CIU offers campus, community and online resources for students with special needs. Career resources are there, too, when the student is ready to move on to her or his ministry or professional career.