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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


Further accommodations may include:

No-contact order

Services of a student victim advocate

Witness impact statement

Change in an academic schedule, if possible and/or necessary

Provision of alternative housing opportunities

The imposition of an interim suspension of the accused

The provision of resources for medical and/or psychological support.

For assistance obtaining these safety accommodations, please contact the

Student Life Office.

Rights of the Accused:

CIU community members (students, faculty and staff) accused of sexual

harassment, sexual assault, or stalking behaviors have rights on this campus.

These include the following:

The right to know the nature and source of the evidence used in the

hearing process

The right to present witnesses and material evidence relevant to the case

The right to an advocate or attorney to aid in the preparation and

presentation of the case

Access to services from the counseling, health center or other campus

service groups

Voluntary residence hall relocation, when available and if applicable

Consultation with a campus official on academic support services and

referrals to community resources when appropriate and if applicable.

Investigative Process:

CIU’s Title IX coordinator and/or deputy coordinator and/or designee will ensure

that all reports of alleged sex discrimination (harassment, assault, stalking) are

immediately investigated in a thorough and appropriate manner. All investigations

will be completed within 60 days of the start of any investigation unless

unexpected issues prevent a timely investigation. The Title IX coordinator shall

review all reported incidents and appoint an investigator for each incident meriting

further review. The process will proceed as follows:


Incident is reported to the Title IX coordinator (regardless of where it is

initially reported, it must be reported to the Title IX coordinator).


Title IX coordinator will determine whether there is a potential Title IX policy

violation at hand and, if so, will turn the matter over to an Investigator for

full review.


The investigator will interview the complainant (alleged victim), the

accused and any witnesses. (The complainant and the accused may each

invite an advocate/advisor to all interviews. The guest is solely present to

advise and may not ask investigative questions).


The investigator will gather any pertinent evidentiary materials and

prepare a report detailing the content of the interviews and the evidentiary

materials collected.