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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



Welcome to CIU, a biblical university that is mission driven with a specific

message. Our purpose is stated this way:

CIU educates people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the

message of Christ.

Our message is two-fold: one part is about who you are becoming in Christ, and

one part is about how God wants to use you to reach the whole world. It’s summed

up by our motto:

To Know Him and to Make Him Known.

Notice that we did not say CIU is a perfect university. That goes for the institution

and for the people who make it up – faculty, staff, and students. We are not perfect

and believe that we will not be this side of heaven. But that does not mean we have

a pessimistic view of the Christian life or of Christian growth. On the contrary, we

believe that genuine and ever-increasing freedom and fulfillment – many people

within our heritage have called it

victorious Christian living

– is the birthright of every

Christian. Here’s what CIU’s third president Robertson McQuilkin wrote about it:

Freedom – power to be all that I was meant to be. ... Free at last – from

the dark cloud of guilt for sins past, from the dominating control of a sinful

disposition, and from apprehension or fear about the future. Free! ... And then

there’s fulfillment.... God’s design was to have us fill up on Him as the grand

possession, the ultimate pleasure, our true identity. Only then will we be filled

full. And then, no matter what things, enjoyment, or approval we feel is lacking,

we can still be full! [McQuilkin, J.R. (Ed). (1997).

Free and Fulfilled: Victorious

Christian Living in the 21st Century

. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.]

We believe passionately that all true learning consists of and is expressed in

terms of a transformed life. We speak of education in three dimensions: content,

character, and competence. Of course, you’re going to be exposed to a mountain

of new information and encouraged to learn it deeply, not merely to memorize

minutiae. We also hope you will gain an understanding of your natural and spiritual

gifts and grow in your capacity to exercise them with great skill. But all is lost if you

amass knowledge and hone skills apart from a transformed life. Every aspect of

CIU – classes and academic studies, student life, residence life, chapel and prayer

days, relationships, ministry skills development, and student activities – has as its

core ambition to help you in your spiritual formation. This is not an


of your

CIU education; it is the


of your CIU education.

Spiritual Formation at CIU

Spiritual formation is the divinely ordained transformational process by which the

Holy Spirit leads believers to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ through the Word of

God, and by that relationship become progressively more free from sin and more

like Christ. The Spirit’s formative work occurs in the context of a vital engagement

with a community of believers.

We challenge you to earnestly pursue spiritual formation during your time at CIU.

Our goals for spiritual formation encompass five areas: relationship with God,

biblical self-image, relationship with the body of Christ, personal relationships,

and relationship with the world. The Bible — God’s written Word — provides

dynamic direction for growth in each of these five areas as we study it, submit