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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


to its teachings, and trust the Holy Spirit to transform us through it. As students,

faculty, and staff progress in their maturity in these five areas, our transformation

will make a powerful difference in the world, whatever our individual vocation or

calling. A summary of our goals for spiritual formation follows.

These goals are at the heart of why we do what we do...

…even the standards.

Relationship with God

– Believers should demonstrate a growing intimacy in their

relationship with God, as evidenced in these areas:


An understanding of, and commitment to, worship as the believer’s

expression of knowing God as Father, yielding to Christ as unconditional Lord,

and trusting the Holy Spirit for His transforming work.


A pattern of life that reflects the conviction that both individual

and corporate prayer is essential in pursuit of God’s purposes for holy living

and productive ministry.


Trust in, and joyful reliance upon, God and His Word for growth in

Christlikeness, increasing victory over sin, effectiveness in ministry, and

material provision.

Biblical Self-Image

– Believers should demonstrate a biblical understanding of

themselves rooted in Christ, as evidenced in these areas:


An understanding of, and commitment to, God’s sovereign

purpose over all areas of life — past, present, and future. Knowing our

heavenly Father has a purpose for the process gives comfort for the present

and hope for the future.


A life that reflects self-control, saying no to whatever might

harm or distract us and yes to whatever benefits and focuses our growth in



Growing freedom to live as new creatures in Christ, free from

deception and experiencing victory over one’s past.

Relationship with the Body of Christ

– Believers should demonstrate a growing

relationship with the body of Christ as evidenced in these areas:


An understanding of, and commitment to, the local and universal

Church as a multicultural and multiethnic body for the achievement of Christ’s

purposes within the context of stable and meaningful relationships with fellow



Ability to love and work harmoniously with peers, leaders, and those



Surrender to the Word of God and the Lordship of Christ in

relating to those in authority.