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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



Security Officer On-Duty: (803) 513-3967 (Text or Call 24hrs/day)

Additional information and updates are available at


Fire Procedures

In case of fire, no attempt should be made to put the fire out. For fire and other


Call 911 first

Call CIU Security (803) 513-3967

Weapons and Explosives

Weapons and explosives are prohibited on the CIU campus. Any device that is

capable of causing harm to another person or damaging property is prohibited.

Some examples of prohibited items include firearms, Tasers or similar

incapacitating devices, paintball guns, BB guns, pellet guns, Airsoft guns, blowguns,

wrist rockets, knives, spears, swords, explosive fireworks, and incendiary devices.

Students holding valid South Carolina concealed weapons permits must leave any

approved weapons locked in their vehicles while on campus.

Vehicle Registration, Parking, and Driving Regulations

All CIU community members are responsible for knowing and abiding by the

following regulations. Any changes to vehicle registration, parking and/or driving

regulations will be issued through The Insider and/or


Vehicle Registration

Faculty, staff, and students [Off-Campus (Commuter), On-Campus (Residence

Hall), and Pine View Residents] are required to register every vehicle driven on

campus, including motorcycles.

Registration must be completed within one week

of first driving the vehicle on campus.


register vehicles and pay the decal fee online at

. After

registration, parking decals may be picked up at the appropriate office

(Student Life Office for all students except those in Pine View; Pine View

Office for residents of Pine View). Only one payment

per family

is required per

year/semester regardless of how many vehicles are registered ($40 per year

or $25 per semester). Unregistered vehicles parked on campus may be issued

a citation that incurs a $50 fine. A student needing a temporary pass may pick

one up at the Student Life Office.


register and pick up decals through Human Resources (HR) –

no charge

On-campus contract service employees:

register and pick up decals through

Security – no charge


Free Guest Parking Passes are available for campus visitors and

students when using a vehicle on campus for two weeks or less. Guest

passes may be picked up from Security or the Reception Desk in the

Administration Building.

Decal Placement on Vehicle

Cars and Vans:

Parking decals must be displayed on the left rear bumper

(driver’s side) or bottom left exterior corner of the rear window so the decal is

clearly visible.