Bachelor of Science in Social Media Strategy



120 credit hours

Program Length

as few as 48 months


Regionally Accredited by SACSCOC

Become an Expert in Social Media Strategy

Are you passionate about using social media as a powerful tool to connect organizations with their target audience? At Columbia International University, we understand your drive to excel in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing. That’s why we have developed the Bachelor of Science in Social Media Strategist program specifically tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this dynamic industry. As a Social Media Strategist major, you will embark on a transformative journey where you will not only gain a deep understanding of various social media platforms, but also learn how to harness their full potential to create engaging and impactful marketing campaigns.

From crafting compelling content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to analyzing site traffic and optimizing online presence, you will become a master of the digital landscape. Our program goes beyond technical skills by providing a comprehensive Communication common core that will empower you with effective communication strategies essential for success in today’s fast-paced world. Whether your aspirations lie in marketing, public relations or brand management, this program will empower you to excel as a skilled social media professional, ready to make a significant impact in the digital realm.

Why Choose Columbia International University?

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that will prepare you for a wide range of dynamic career opportunities? Look no further than the Communication program at Columbia International University (CIU). When you choose CIU for your Communication degree, you open the door to a world of possibilities. You will not only build a strong foundation in computer technology, social media production, public relations, marketing, advertising, media writing and editing, but you will also gain the skills needed to thrive in the digital landscape. As you immerse yourself in our program, you will discover the power of effective communication in various contexts, from the corporate world to mission-driven organizations and church-related ministries. At CIU, we understand that your passion for communication is unique, and that’s why we provide a tailored learning experience that nurtures your individual interests and career goals. With our dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art resources and hands-on approach, you will develop the expertise and confidence to excel in the ever-evolving field of communication. Join us at CIU, where your communication journey begins and your professional aspirations become a reality.

Featured Faculty

Ken Rife

Director of Communications Programs, Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media Production

What Will I Study?

In addition to the undergraduate core, here are degree specific-courses you can expect to take:

  • COM 1500 Introduction to Social Media

    This course examines the history, development, and impact of existing social media in todays media environment. Emphasis is placed on the sustainability of the social media and its influence on communicating messages via social media. (3)

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 2150 Human Communication & Interaction

    This course is designed to help you understand the dynamics of engaging the inseparable connection between human relationship and human communication. This course will highlight the roles that interpersonal connections play in casual discussions as well as the fundamental communication concepts of today. Small group communication, interpersonal dynamics, conflict resolution, verbal and nonverbal communication, and the use of technology in communication in everyday life will be topics of the course.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 2210 History of Communication and Media

    This course is a presentation of the history of media in the United States from its early beginnings to the present emergence of the Internet, HDTV, and MP3. Through this course, you will become acquainted with all aspects of media, including the information super highway, electronic magazines, TV, film, radio, and other media formats. You will learn the events surrounding the inception of these media, the cultural significance they serve today, and the role they will have in the future.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 2220 Communication, Research, Theory, and Design

    In this course, you will focus on the theories of communication, the research techniques required to effectively gain knowledge about communication and media, and the process involved in designing, planning, and producing media. You will also explore how to implement technology that effectively employs the use of educational media and instructional technology to enhance learning, teaching, communication, and ministry.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 3470 Integrated Marketing Communication

    In this course, you will focus on the strategic process whereby an organization coordinates all of its communications activities - advertising, public relations, and marketing - into one efficient department, which provides efficiency, clarity, and consistency for the organization's total integrated marketing program.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 3510 Christians, Media, and Culture

    In this course, you will examine the various aspects of the media, including TV, film, books, and music, and explore how our faith and our culture is being presented both in positive and negative ways. You will also explore how faith, film, TV, and culture mutually influence one another. You will be expected to engage in, view with discernment, and explore relevant alternatives to the process of media and culture, with a focus on developing the ability to determine your impact on media and ultimately on culture and gaining perspective on culture, its impact on media, and ultimately on the Christian. You will be challenged with developing an active perspective toward media and its ability to create, influence, and support culture. The main skill you will practice in this course is theological criticism.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 3888 Communication Study Tour

    Section 1: Digital Media Major (NY); Section 2: Communication & Media Arts Majors (Orlando). This is a study tour (normally during spring break) that emphasizes the use of media and creativity in culture and ministry. Students will travel to key media centers in order to see and experience the integration of various aspects of media into professional ministries and organizations. Register through TraveLearn.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 4430 Professional Leadership Development

    In this course, you will examine the principles, skills, techniques, and ideas essential to developing the leadership capacity necessary for achieving success in today's world, focusing on both external relationships and understanding the tools necessary to develop a confident, professional image. You will engage in understanding your core values, writing long/short-term goals, and developing a usable and efficient resume. Time management, personal budgets, and the development of a philosophy of leadership will be emphasized.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 4930 Internship in Communication

    The Communication Internship Program is designed to provide in-depth experience in various facets of the communication field in marketplace, mission, and ministry experience environments. The program is fundamentally an educational experience. You will use observation and actual experience under the joint supervision of college faculty and experienced professionals serving as supervisors to better prepare yourself to become a world Christian who serves God with excellence in cross-cultural, church, marketplace, and other ministry roles.

    3.00 credit hours
  • BUS 1100 Introduction to Business and Management

    In this survey course you will be introduced to the basic functions and environments for business in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including those operating in intercultural and international settings. You will focus on the primary disciplines of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, including planning, organizing, staffing and management of organizations. (3)

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 2500 Social Media Technology & Communications Strategies

    This course will focus on the ability of organizations to communicate specific information to consumers/audiences. Verbal and visual strategies will be discussed as students understand the integration of an organizations mission with social media. App development will also be discussed. (3)

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 2731 Graphic Design

    In this course, you will focus on the elements and principles of graphic design, including how to implement those principles through various projects with the Adobe Creative Suite programs of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. You will explore typography, page layout, and logo design while working with photos and illustrations. The course will give the you both the theory of good design and hands-on, practical experience in each of the above software applications.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 3500 Social Media Analysis and Deployment

    Social Media is pervasive. Analyzing the various contributors to social media is imperative for effective understanding and deployment of verbal and visual images to convey specific messages to the consumer/audience.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 3720 Webpage Design and Development

    In this course, you will develop a thorough and practical understanding of the standards and conventions used in creating useable and accessible websites, while gaining the experience of creating a website using standards-compliant XHTML and CSS by incorporating standard web-based design software. By the end of this course, you will have developed an understanding of the functions and uses of the web and be able to create business-suitable websites that are usable and accessible.

    3.00 credit hours
  • COM 4500 App Design and Development

    This course emphasizes the initial design, development, strategies and creation of apps to effectively communicate, involve and connect the organization to the consumer/audience. (3)

    3.00 credit hours
  • PSY 4330 Social Psychology

    This course is an intensive look at group and social processes as they affect individual behavior. Human experiences such as individual motivation, group behavior, attitudes, and perception of self and others are studied from the viewpoints of social science and Scripture.

    3.00 credit hours
For a comprehensive list of courses related to this program visit the Academic Catalog.

Accreditation and Accolades

SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

Career Path Opportunities

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Digital Media Producer
  • Marketing Representative
  • Media Writer or Editor
  • Web Designer
  • App Developer

Top FAQs

What is the Bachelor’s in Social Media Strategist program at CIU?

The Bachelor’s in Social Media Strategist program at CIU is a comprehensive and immersive program that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Through a carefully designed curriculum, you will explore the principles of social media strategy, content creation, data analytics and consumer behavior. You will gain a deep understanding of how to leverage various social media platforms effectively to connect organizations with their target audience and drive impactful marketing campaigns.

What career opportunities can I pursue with a degree in Social Media Strategist?

With a degree in Social Media Strategist from CIU, a wide range of exciting career paths await you. You can pursue roles such as social media manager, digital marketing specialist, content creator, brand strategist, public relations coordinator, advertising executive and more. Our program prepares you for success in both corporate and non-profit sectors, giving you the flexibility to work in diverse industries and organizations.

How does the program integrate practical experience with classroom learning?

At CIU, we believe that practical experience is essential for success in the field of social media strategy. Throughout your program, you will engage in hands-on projects, case studies and simulations that simulate real-world scenarios. You will collaborate with industry professionals, work on live campaigns and gain practical insights into the challenges and opportunities of the industry. These experiences will help you build a strong portfolio and develop the skills needed to excel in your future career.

Will I have access to industry-standard tools and technologies?

Yes, as a Social Media Strategist student at CIU, you will have access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies used in the industry. Our program is designed to ensure that you are well-versed in the latest social media management platforms, content creation tools, analytics software and other industry-standard resources. You will have hands-on experience using these tools, allowing you to develop proficiency and demonstrate your competence to potential employers.

How will the program help me develop my strategic thinking and problem-solving skills?

Strategic thinking and problem-solving are crucial skills in the field of social media strategy. Our program places a strong emphasis on developing your analytical and critical thinking abilities. You will learn how to analyze market trends, consumer behavior and competitor strategies to develop effective social media strategies. Through case studies, group discussions and practical projects, you will refine your problem-solving skills and learn to adapt your strategies to evolving market dynamics.

Can I customize my learning experience based on my specific interests?

Absolutely! At CIU, we recognize that each student has unique interests and career aspirations within the field of social media strategy. Our program offers elective courses that allow you to tailor your learning experience to align with your specific interests. You can choose from a range of elective courses such as influencer marketing, content strategy, social media analytics, digital advertising or community management. This flexibility ensures that you gain specialized knowledge in areas that align with your career goals.

Will I receive personalized guidance and mentorship from faculty?

Yes, at CIU, we are committed to providing personalized guidance and mentorship to our students. Our faculty members are experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge. They are dedicated to supporting your growth and success throughout your academic journey. You will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions, receive feedback on your projects and seek advice and mentorship from faculty members who have real-world experience in the field of social media strategy.

Can I network with professionals in the industry during my studies?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of networking and industry connections in launching a successful career in social media strategy. Throughout your program, we provide various opportunities for you to connect with professionals in the industry. These connections can open doors to internships, job opportunities and valuable insights into the industry.

Are there internship opportunities available to gain practical experience?

Yes, internships play a crucial role in gaining practical experience and building your professional network. CIU has established partnerships with local and national organizations that offer internship opportunities for our Social Media Strategist students. These internships provide hands-on experience in real-world settings, allowing you to apply your knowledge and skills in a professional environment. Our faculty and career services team will assist you in finding internship opportunities that align with your career goals and interests.

How does the program foster a Christian perspective in social media strategy?

At CIU, we believe in integrating faith with learning, including the field of social media strategy. Our program embraces a Christian perspective, emphasizing ethical and responsible practices in the digital realm. You will explore how to apply biblical principles to social media strategy, considering the impact of your work on individuals, communities and society as a whole. We encourage you to use your skills and knowledge to make a positive difference, promoting values of integrity, empathy and compassion in your online interactions.


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