Undergraduate Scholarships & Grants

Generous friends and alumni have been supporting CIU students for years through a variety of grants and scholarships. The Financial Aid Office works with each student individually to determine the best overall financial aid package based on eligibility at the time of admission. CIU Scholarships and Grants are available to students enrolled full-time for the fall and spring semesters and is not awarded for summer courses.

CIU Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships are for full-time undergraduate students and are based on high school GPA (4.0 scale) or college GPA for transfer students that have completed 12 or more college credits post high school. Use the appropriate calculator below to determine the scholarship you could qualify for as a full-time enrolled student. 

2021-22 Merit Scholarships for Full-Time Undergraduate Freshmen Students

Award Name Freshmen Resident Award Amount Freshmen Commuter Award Amount
Award NameBoard Scholarship Resident$12,000 Commuter$8,000
Award NamePresidential Scholarship Resident$10,000 Commuter$7,000
Award NameDean Scholarship Resident$7,000 Commuter$5,000
Award NameServant Leader Scholarship Resident$5,000 Commuter$3,000
Award NameRam Award Resident$3,000 Commuter$2,000

2021-22 CIU Merit Scholarships for Full-Time Undergraduate Transfer Students

Award Name Transfer Resident Award Amount Transfer Commuter Award Amount
Award NameBoard Scholarship Resident$8,000 Commuter$5,000
Award NamePresidential Scholarship Resident$7,000 Commuter$4,000
Award NameDean Scholarship Resident$5,000 Commuter$3,000
Award NameServant Leader Scholarship Resident$3,000 Commuter$2,000

Other CIU Grants & Scholarships 

Students are eligible for one merit-based scholarship but may be eligible for additional CIU grants.

Award Name Eligibility Requirements Award Amount How to Apply Renewal Policy
Name of GrantPalmetto Fellows Scholarship Eligibility RequirementsA recipient of the SC Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Award AmountFull tuition after state, federal and other institutional gift aid is applied. How to ApplySubmit FAFSA and CIU Online Application. Renewal PolicyMaintain all requirements for SC Palmetto Fellows Scholarship; not on character probation.
Name of GrantLegacy Grant Eligibility RequirementsChild/grandchild of a CIU alumnus Award Amount$1,000 How to ApplySubmit FAFSA and CIU Online Application Renewal PolicySubmit FAFSA; not on academic or character probation; maintain GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Name of GrantChristian Worker Grant Eligibility RequirementsParent serving full-time in an evangelical ministry or church                               Award Amount$1,000 How to ApplySubmit FAFSA and CIU Online Application. Renewal PolicySubmit FAFSA; not on academic or character probation; maintain GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Name of GrantChurch Matching Grant Eligibility RequirementsSponsored by a church or para-church Award AmountUp to $1,000 How to ApplySubmitChurch Matching Grant form and donation to the Financial Aid office. Matches will be awarded as long as funds are available. Renewal PolicySubmit form and donation each year that the Church Matching Grant is desired. Submit FAFSA; not on academic or character probation; maintain GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Donor Scholarship A new International Student or returning CIU student Varies Submit a Donor Scholarship Application to the Financial Aid Office by April 1st. Submit a donor scholarship application every year and maintain good academic status by having a GPA of 2.0 or higher.


  • Students receiving athletic awards receive a merit scholarship but are not eligible for additional CIU grants and scholarships.
  • Students receiving CIU Employee Education Benefits are not eligible for additional CIU grants or scholarships.
  • Students on academic or character probation are not eligible to continue receiving CIU merit scholarships or grants.

Helpful Resources

To help with financial planning for college, the Net Price Calculator is available as a guide to provide an estimate of aid eligibility. CIU grants and scholarships are applied to the cost of tuition after all federal and state gift aid is first applied. The remaining balance is the responsibility of the student. Direct loans, Parent PLUS loans and outside scholarships are available to help cover these costs. To research outside sources, contact your high school guidance counselor, church, community organizations, library, amd review our outside scholarship list.