Undergraduate Majors & Programs

Selecting a Program

All colleges offer intellectual development and career development. You get that and more at CIU.

Our Christian university stresses spiritual formation based on Christian virtues, academic excellence with the Bible at the core, and vocational effectiveness with a ministry skills foundation.

That’s why we require a professional major and a major in Bible. It’s the best way to prepare the passionate heart for taking eternal values into the modern marketplace.

Our graduates leave here with a network of friends for life and an education that prepared them for their next step, whether it’s graduate school, the workplace, serving on a mission or helping to lead a congregation.

We offer 19 majors in the bachelor’s degree program and seven minors. Other programs such as the Associate of Arts and Bible Certificate are also options. 

Financing Your Education

CIU is committed to making college affordable for you and your family. That includes providing more than $14 million a year in institutional, state and federal support. 

We offer four types of aid: grants, loans, work-study and scholarships. Students are evaluated for merit-based scholarships and nearly 90 percent of our undergraduates get help through our Financial Aid Office

Our estimated annual tuition and room and board is $27,960. The average financial aid package is nearly $15,000. 

Check out our Parent’s Portal for more about financing a college education.


Undergraduate Programs